How We Do It

We partner with you to achieve certification with very step tailored to your unique needs and objectives. By simplifying the process, we can help you see immediate benefit from your carbon quantification and reduction commitments, whether they are enterprise-wide, or focused on a building, product or an event.

What We Assess, Offset And Certify

Our Natural Carbon Solutions footprinting certification is done annually and falls into one of four categories.

Assessment of an organisation, charity or company’s carbon footprint aligned with best practice standards such as ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol. We map everything that has a direct (Scope 1) or indirect impact (Scope 2 and 3) on the environment which includes 15 different categories such as your supply chain, purchased electricity, fuel combustion, travel, purchases and waste amongst many others.

Assessment of a specific product or service, using a tool called Life Cycle Assessment, which accounts for the environmental impacts of all stages of a product’s life from raw material extraction, materials processing, manufacture, distribution, use, waste and end of life. Products can be made Carbon Neutral by offsetting their impacts with nature-based solutions that are aligned with our NCS Standard which meets all international standards such as PAS2060, ISO 14067 and the GHG Protocol.

Assessment of a discrete event, either one-off or recurring, considering energy for the venue, all travel, stands and stalls, accommodation, waste and consumed items. An event can be made Carbon Neutral by offsetting its impacts with our NCS Credits which are carbon offset credits that are in line with international standards such as PAS2050, PAS2060, ISO 14067 and the GHG Protocol.

Assessment of a construction project or building, breaking the footprint down into two separate phases: construction (the environmental impact associated with materials, assembly and completion of the physical project) and operation (the energy, water and maintenance required to occupy the building annually). Buildings can either be Net Zero Carbon in construction by offsetting the material and assembly impacts with offsetting solutions after the building is built, or Net Zero in operation by offsetting the carbon generated from running a building at the end of each year of operation. The NCS Standard certifies both building phases, all certification is in line with international standards of EN 15978, PAS 2050, PAS2060, ISO 50001 and the GHG Protocol.


Our Natural Carbon Solutions Offsetting Protocol is designed to capture the carbon sequestration of multiple natural processes and habitats that are inadequately captured by other offsetting standards. The carbon offsetting projects we certify provide a comprehensive range of long and short-term initiatives that go beyond carbon to consider other environmental co-benefits such as biodiversity, air quality and water use. 

Our Protocol establishes highly credible projects that provide accountability for years to come. We are involved in the detail of all our projects to provide oversight and regular reporting to give you confidence in your carbon sequestration investment.

Any organisation or land holder can register and use the Natural Carbon Solutions Offsetting Protocol, and our carbon credits deliver several key benefits.

  • They can be used to demonstrate ‘Carbon Neutral’ and ‘Net Zero Carbon’ certification
  • They guarantee accountability and longevity for a long term low carbon strategy
  • They provide the highest grades of environmental performance and exceptionally high levels of certainty and accuracy in the amount of carbon captured on site


Certification is a critical part of your decarbonisation journey. Moving through the different stages to eventually reach ‘Climate Positive’ requires achieving multiple milestones that need to be recognised and celebrated. 

The Natural Carbon Solutions Certification Standard enables you to report credibly on your progress as it requires that you measure and ‘see’ all of your carbon impacts throughout your supply chain. This high resolution picture allows you to take the remedial measures necessary to continually improve your carbon status. 

We offer the following certification labels to plot your successful route to carbon neutrality and beyond:

  1. Carbon Measured – Carbon footprint established

  2. Carbon Reduced – Continual reduction in carbon footprint

  3. Carbon Committed – A commitment to achieve a carbon certification when the event or building finally happens or is built. 

  4. Carbon Neutral – Achievement of carbon neutrality with offsetting solutions (for items within your control; Scopes 1 & 2)

  5. Net Zero Carbon – Achievement of Net Zero with offsetting solutions (for all supply chain; Scopes 1, 2 &3)

  6. Climate Positive – Achievement of a positive impact with offsetting solutions meaning you have offset more than your own impacts so you’re now giving back to the environment

  • Recognising and certifying the different milestones of your decarbonisation journey
  • Clear vision over the real impact your environmental commitments are making

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