Organisation Certification

Measuring and reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint is an ongoing endeavour which should practice the principles of continual improvement. As your company grows and evolves each year, you’ll need a clear and long term carbon footprinting pathway that allows forward planning and facilitates progression towards Net Zero. Natural Carbon Solutions Footprinting Protocol enables you to confidently demonstrate your organisation’s achievements by the certification of each key milestone.  

Best Practice Standards

Our certification harmonises best practice industry standards such as PAS2060, ISO 14064, The GHG Protocol, and the Science Based Targets Initiative to ensure the highest level of quality and credibility in every level of carbon footprint certification. We provide detailed technical guidance for footprinting organisations in our Natural Carbon Solutions Footprinting Protocol. The Protocol is comprehensive, and the requirements are transparent, so you will know the exact criteria that is being used to 3rd party verify and certify your organisation.

Horizon Platform

Carbon Footprinting has typically been undertaken with multiple spreadsheets and ad-hoc calculation tools. This results in protracted calculations and feedback cycles which substantially increases the risk of error and inaccuracies. Natural Carbon Solutions has created the Horizon Platform for data collection and verification, providing efficiency, clarity and one version of the truth.

The Horizon Platform enables a systematic approach to data handling with specific requirements for each emission category and upload functions. The verification process can be tracked incrementally by the user with feedback from the 3rd party verifier being provided where supplementary data is required. 

The carbon footprint measurement and the associated data remain accessible to you and the interactive diagrams allow data analysis and examination of the various sources of your carbon footprint. The Horizon Platform provides a step-change in carbon visibility and clarity.  

Certification Categories


The first UK Net Zero certification scheme for buildings


Display your achievements with a carbon certification label


The only Net Zero certification of it's kind for events

Our Protocols

For full transparency you can review our comprehensive, industry-leading protocols so that you have peace of mind and clarity with your Net Zero targets.